Group classes

Our Essentials program was specifically designed for the Do-It-Yourselfer. Whether you are in the Valdosta area or beyond. This is for the dog owners that want to be in a group setting or want that one on one attention from the trainer.

Dog owners who want their dog to FIT into their life….rather than them having to adjust everything to fit into their dog’s life. Remember we are in charge NOT the dog!!

The program combines decades of experience and delivers it in a step-by-step, A to Z, manner which ANY dog owner with ANY Dog with ANY problem can use to reach their dog training goals.

We’ve helped MANY of your neighbor’s, we’d love to help you too!

Again this is the DIY program, those that need a little guidance and want to be the one’s training their dog.

Our Group Classes are back we did dome work on new techniques and we have a schedule just click the link above for all the details!!!

This program will not help dogs with fear, dog or people or other aggression problems. This is for only minor obedience problems.

If you would like just the basics but do not have the time to do the training we will be glad to bring your dog in for a few weeks of training.

Good news!! We are working on putting together a class for those that want a little more off leash freedom. Come back soon for updates on when and where these classes will be.

Private Lessons

We offer Private lessons at your convenience.

Our 4 lesson package is more for those that just need a little help with basic commands. Your dog will learn sit, down, place and walking on a loose leash. The place and walking on a loose leash are great for those dogs that have a bit of energy, these two commands are great for working your dog’s mind!!

Then we have our 8 lesson package for those that want a little more freedom with their dog. You get all the basic commands with the help of an E-Collar. What is the E-Collar it is more like a tens-unit or your fingers when they fall asleep that little tingle. We never want to hear your dog hollow or yelp.

With either the Group Classes or the Private Lessons we will teach you in a way you will be able to learn and the same goes for your pup. We do not do cookie cutter programs, we want you and your pup to succeed. If you want to know more click the button below.